S. No SchemeRate of Interest (Public)
1 Non Farm Sector Loan Scheme (NFS) upto Rs.200000/-13.00%
1 A Non Farm Sector Loan Scheme (NFS) Above Rs.200000/-14.00%
2 Urban Housing Scheme12.00%
3 Rural Housing Scheme11.00%
4 Rural Godown/Cold Storage13.00%
5 SHG/SGY UPTO 50000/-9.50%
6 SHG/SGY aBOVE 50000/-10.00%
7 Vehicle Loan Scheme12.00%
8 Second Hand Car Loan Scheme14.00%
9 CC Limit to Traders14.00%
10 Two Wheller Loan13.00%
11 Consumer Durable Loan16.00%
12 Personal Loan16.00%
13 Loan to Students(Education Loan)11.00%
14 Cooperative Education Loan Scheme for childeren of poor Farmers, Dalits etc.7.25%
15 Loan Against NSC/KVP10.00%
16 OD Limit SB A/c Staff10.00%
17 CC Limit Sugar Consortium 11.50%
17 Loan to Mills for Cane Payment11.50%
18 Cane Seed Loan to Individual Members of Mills11.50%
19 Loan & CC Limit to L & C Socities14.00%
20 Loan & CC Limit to Industrial Societies and Weavers Socities14.00%
21 Loan to Members of Milk Producer Societes(Other than L&C, Industrial Societies and Weavers Socities)10.25%
22 Diary Loan to Farmers/ Mini Diary Loan Scheme10.25%
23 Commercial Diary Loan10.25%
24 Loan for Purchase of Cow10.50%
25 Loan to Landlord of Buildings For Construction of Branch Offices13.00%
26 Loan Against Property16.00%
27 Revolving Cash Credit Limit12.50%
28 Loan Scheme For Earnest Money14.00%
29 Loan Against Rental Income Scheme13.00%
30 Setting up to Agri Service Centre12.00%
31 Credit for Setting up Net House12.00%
32 OD Limit other staff(Soc. & Sugar Mills)15.00%
33 Personal Loan Scheme For Professional15.00%