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The Fazilka Central Cooperative Bank Ltd, Abohar was registered 12.03.1915, with a share capital of Rs. 3250/- with membership of 53 Coop. societies & 12 individual members. The Bank has a net work of 27 branches, 3 extension counters in its area of operation which is consisted of Division Abohar, Fazilka, Jalalabad on the international boarder of Pakistan. The head office of the bank is situated at Abohar. The Management of the bank vests with Board of Directors of the bank which was constituted on 14.07.2011

• • To serve as a Balancing Center for Cooperative Societies in the State of Punjab registered under the Punjab Cooperative Societies Ac, 1961 for the time being in force.
• To promote the economic interest of the member banks and cooperative societies in the state in accordance with cooperative principles and to facilitate the development and funding of any cooperative society registered under the said act.
• To carry on banking and credit business.